Friday, September 3rd

It was our last day in the Peak District, unfortunately this meant we spent 2 hours clearing out the Airbnb and tidying it up.

By around 2 pm we were out of there. We left a thank you card and some gin for my uncle, then drove to some rocks we'd seen the day before from the reservoir.

They were called "The Roaches," apparently derived from the French word for rock. But they did look like 3 giant cockroaches on the hilltop.

It was a pretty foggy day, so the views from the top weren't super clear. Apparently there's a flock of wild wallabies living there after some escaped from a nearby zoo.

It took us about 4 hours to drive home, including a stop for coffee. We ended up having just 1 hour left of our audiobook.

We were pretty tired, so we just had cheese on toast for dinner. And that's the end of this test paper website!