Monday August 30th.

Woke up in Bath and had a coffee, then spent all day until 3pm working on Mailoji.

I've just bought 240 more Kazakhstan emoji domain names, and it's a very long and tedious task to connect them all up so that they work.

After 5 hours of listening to podcasts and drinking teas and coffees, it was done. I now have over 600 emoji domains to maintain. I'm pretty sure it's one of (if not the largest collection) in the world at this point.

At around 3, me and Alice packed our things and hopped in my car to drive to the Peak District. I bought a Mocha, and a Snickers for the road, and we listened to The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz. It's the first audiobook I've listened to for >10 years but I really enjoyed it.

After a stop at a service station, passing a car that had forward flipped straight off the road, we made it to the foggy Peak District.

My uncle has super kindly let us stay in his Airbnb for a week whilst he is also on holiday. The place is awesome! The house is flipped so the bedrooms are downstairs, and there's a big open living room with massive ceilings upstairs.

We unpacked our things, made a chilli con carne, and watched some great reality TV.

It's now the next morning, and I'm testing if this paper website works whilst Alice, reads her book.

Fingers crossed.